To Trim or Not to Trim?

(The French word for trimmings)

What types of trimmings are available? There is brush fringe, tassel fringe, bullion fringe, braids and tapes, gimp, bead, leather, feather, cording, Swarovski crystals and more.

Tiebacks and tassels are made from leather, feather, beads, fringes and can incorporate one tassel, two tassels, key tassels, and chair ties.  We have crystal medallions, corded medallions, flower medallions and more to choose from.

But, with so many styles to choose from, what will look best?

That's where my expertise comes in. Allow me to guide you through the process of creating works of art!

What will your trim say about you?

Click on these pictures and try to imagine them without trim...
Or read our testmonials.

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